Your Life Today – The Moving Forward Series – Part 1 - Pocket Fuel on 1 Timothy 1:2

I decree over your life today, abundant grace, mercy, and total well-being from God the Father and the Anointed One, our Lord Jesus. 1 Timothy 1:2 (TPT)

Your Life Today – The Moving Forward Series – Part 1

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Today's artwork was created by a great friend of PocketFuel: Ali. You can find more of her work on Instagram @alimakesthings and at her website (THANKS ALI!).

If you could write a letter to yourself and post it back to the “January 2016″ you, to prepare you for what 2016 would bring you, what would it say?

What would be the highlight events? Lessons? Anecdotes?
Would your letter have a stern tone? Disappointment? Would you be “high-fiving” yourself through words? Laughing at the memory of the adventures you had?

Or would tears stain the pages?

We ask this question to our PocketFuel Instagram community most years, and the responses we get are beautifully varied. Things like “hold on” to “let go!” And then, “leave him and move on” to “you’ll meet her and fall in love.”

It's incredible how we all face the same days, the same years, we live under the same sun and stare at the same moon, yet our experiences and lives can be so incredibly different from each.

I know the start of a new year is usually the time that we’re meant to make resolutions and lists and vision boards and other such “future preparing” activities.

But taking the taking time to reflect and remember where you were and where you are now, and all the things that happened to get you here can be powerful.

Take stock. And then write yourself a love letter about it.

And, Yep! Make it a love letter. Your words and intentions are powerful.

What would the Mary “at the foot of her son's cross” write to the “just given birth to Jesus” Mary?

For Jesse and I, the last twelve months have been humbling and healing in so many ways. We’ve said sorry. We’ve tried to dig up some bitterness and hurt and replace it with empathy and grace. We’ve made HEAPS of mistakes – from over-ordering stock, arguments over grammar, prematurely revealing a friends pregnancy (I swear it was a total accident and it still makes me cringe – Love you, Lee…), still struggling with unforgiveness…

But more than anything, I feel that 2016 was a year of “moving on.” I would say to my January '16 self: Don’t worry so much about where you fit in. Don’t be so serious about your work. Laugh a little more. Rest when your body tells you too. Head up, cos there’s success ahead. You’ll make great friendships this year. You’ll make some mistakes, too. But you’ll be Ok.

And now in 2017, just like Mary did the night she found out she was pregnant, I hear the Divine whispering new life into my bones.

Where will those whispers take me?
Where will they take you?
If we dare to DO what we can and BE who we ARE, we just might find out.

If we dare to DO what we CAN, and BE who we ARE, we might just end up where the Divine Whisper leads. Click to Tweet

One of the first steps in moving forward is taking stock.

Don’t know how to start your letter? Even though this is the beginning of a letter that Paul wrote Timothy, it's a good place to start:

To my dear son, Timothy,
I’m writing to you as your apostolic father in Christ, for it was Jesus himself, our living Hope, who sent me as his servant by the command of God, our Life-Giver. You are like a son to me, Timothy, my true spiritual son in the faith. I decree over your life today, abundant grace, mercy, and total well-being from God the Father and the Anointed One, our Lord Jesus.” (1 Tim 1:1-2).

We’d love to read your letters! Send them to

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Written by Lizzy Milani
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