Deep Within You – The Moving Forward Series – Part 2 - Pocket Fuel on Luke 2:19

Mary kept all these things to herself, holding them dear, deep within herself. Luke 2:19 (MSG)

Deep Within You – The Moving Forward Series – Part 2

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This part of the year is always full of resolutions and goals and “I’m not gonna do this anymore…” and “I’m FINALLY going to do this…”

Clean slate. Fresh start.

In the past, I’ve made grand promises to one and all about how I would “begin again!” I’ve posted resolutions on social media, declared them to my friends, made bold statements of change and hope, written them down on paper and stuck them to the back of the bathroom door. Only to be forced into a humiliated silence weeks later when my dreams and resolutions float off like the fantasies they started out as.

This year, I’m not setting resolutions. I’m not making bold statements, you won’t see anything written on my Facebook page or pictures on my Instagram… Nope. I’m done with that.

In his book, Luke recorded that Mary was visited by an Angel, who told her that she would give birth to a revolutionary savior; the God-man, who would show humanity a new way to live.

If I was Mary, and the Angel told me how super important I was, I’d be telling EVERYONE! You know, with that fake, mock-humility you often hear from people.

But even after Mary had given birth to Jesus, Luke says that she, “kept all these things to herself, holding them dear, deep within herself.” (Luke 2:19 MSG).

Because even though she had this information in her possession – a framework of what was to come – how did Mary know what she was meant to do?

Perhaps instead of plastering her ideas and hopes and goals all over town, she prayed over Jesus and the words the Angel had spoken to her. Perhaps she meditated on them, ridding her mind of distracting thoughts and breathing deeply of God's peace and mystery. Perhaps she let the words of the Angel and the task set before her dwell in the most sacred part of her being, nurtured and protected. She didn’t get busy telling everyone how important she was and how she would change the world. She just went about and did the work of living; of birthing and raising her son.

Do I have plans? Goals? Dreams? Do I feel the sweet relief of newness and the opportunity to begin again?

I bet you do, too.

But let’s treasure these things in our hearts and give them room to grow rather than peddle them on every social media corner that there is. This way, grounded deep in our spirits, our dreams have a better chance to become the things that we do. Not out of pressure or obligation, but growth, health, and conviction. The quiet and steadfastness of presence rather than performance.

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What’s in your heart to do? And even if you’re not sure, what do you think COULD be there? There’s no rush to make concrete decisions. You have time to think, pray, meditate, change your mind (YES, YOU CAN!); to treat these ideas and whispers of purpose and destiny like a treasure. Bury them in your heart and see if they grow. All the while, get on with doing the work of living.

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Written by Lizzy Milani
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