Hour by hour I place my days in your hand… Psalm 31:15 (MSG)

I Place My Days in Your Hand – The Time Series – Part 5

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When you strip everything back, all we REALLY have is this day, our minds, our hearts, and our bodies, and this moment. We have the choice to spend those resources wisely.

We can take time to be fully present here, right now, at this moment. And we can make this moment one that sets up the next, and the next, and the next…

Living in the moment is not unthinking, selfish, or wasteful living. It's not some new age woo-woo. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Its the disengagement from the distractions that fight aggressively for your attention. It's to be awake, aware and alive to all of life going on around you and in you. It's prayer in motion. Showing up and being present to whatever is before you.

When we number our days, we’re not passing the time; we’re not accumulating a number or a notch; we’re simply choosing to live deeply and fully every day. Wasting nothing, cherishing all. It’s a challenging way to live. Which makes it the most rewarding way to live.

Sometimes numbering my days looks like letting the kids stay in their PJ’s, making popcorn and telling funny stories.
Sometimes numbering my days looks like giving myself to my work.
Sometimes numbering my days looks like picking up the phone and making that phone call I’ve waited too long to make.
Reading a book about someone's life experience that is completely different to mine.
Reading fiction.
Educating myself on the politics of my nation.
Baking a meal for a friend.
Going to bed early.
Staying up late.
Watching that horrific story to honor that families pain and allow it to form and shape me in new ways.
Listening to the agitation in my heart rather than ignoring it, leaning into the “what can I do?” part of the questions.

Sometimes it looks like doing a lot; sometimes it looks like doing little.

But every day that I have numbered shares one thing: presence.

Wisdom isn’t found in books or schools or parliaments or even temples and churches. It's found in being present, and being in presence.

Wisdom isn’t found in books or parliaments or even churches. It's found in being present, and being in presence. Click to Tweet

This is ultimately how the ancient Hebrews saw time; not as an allotment of minutes to accumulate more stuff, but an opportunity to be present; to look life full in the face, and engage it as it is happening.

The higher goal of spiritual living is not to amass a wealth of information, but to face sacred moments. In a religious experience, for example, it is not a thing that imposes itself on man but a spiritual presence. What is retained in the soul is the moment of insight rather than the place where the act came to pass. A moment of insight is a fortune, transporting us beyond the confines of measured time.” Abraham Heschel.

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Written by Liz Milani
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