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Faith and Expectation – The Problem With Expectations – Part 2

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1 (NIV)

Faith and Expectation – The Problem With Expectations – Part 2

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Nothing bites quite like disappointment.

When I was a kid, the words “I’m so disappointed in you,” stung more than any other. Even now, I’m super careful to say it to my kids, knowing the effect it had on me. Making someone mad I can handle, but disappointed? That’s a whole other level of shame and woe.

When I was teenager, I used to think that by the time I was thirty, I’d have all my ducks and then some in a beautiful, grand, accomplished row. I had such high expectations of life and career and marriage and kids and family… But now, well into my thirties, reality has proved to miss the mark of my innocently high hopes.

The root of all suffering is attachment.

Suffering happens when something or someone we’re attached to comes undone. Attachment is that gelatinous connection we have with others, ideas, beliefs, and ways of living. We tie ourselves to these things, and when that attachment is severed or damaged, we suffer the pain of it.

You know disappointment, you know it well. We don’t talk about it anywhere near enough. Most of us (myself included) have been clueless as to what to do with it, and so it sits in the corner, being ignored, all the while festering and tainting our perspective. With all the talk of faith and hope and expectation, we need to be able to put disappointment, suffering, and unmet expectations on the table beside them. Either it's all included, or we’re missing the point.

Because when the things we are attached to come undone, we need to know how to live with it.

The Psalms are a great comfort to me in this. The laments and the questions and the rage and the heartache for all the disappointment – those self-inflicted and those otherwise – they tell me that my disappointment is not something to ignore.

We quote all these scriptures when we’re in the thick of life. Ones like:

“I know that plans I have for you… for good and not evil…” (Jer 29:11).
“God causes everything to work together for good…” (Romans 8:28).
“Faith can move mountains…” (Matthew 17:20).

We become so attached to our prescribed and projected “outcome” of these scriptures and what we think they mean, that when they don’t come to pass we suffer the pain of it. And often in silence, because in most of our faith traditions, faith and expectation are meant to work. Or if not in silence, we use prescriptive scripture to numb the suffering. Something like:

“My ways are not your ways…” (Isa 55:8)

Should we just stop caring? Stop expecting? Stop hoping?

No. Please don’t. Detachment is not the antidote for unmet expectations and suffering. In fact, sorry to say, but there is no antidote. There is no way always to get what you expect. Even if you expect nothing because ‘nothing’ rarely happens to any of us.

There’s a third way, a kind of “in-between and both” way. A way of holding both the hope of something more and the devastation of what has happened in both hands and seeing it all the way through. I never want this space (Pocket Fuel) to be one where were trite with the darkness that lurks in all our lives. Faith isn’t a bandaid; it’s an invitation to travel all the way through whatever comes our way.

Faith isn’t a bandaid; it’s an invitation to travel all the way through whatever comes our way. Click to Tweet

But first we have to do something many of us find hard: we have to let go.

We have to let go of what we think faith and expectation and hope are meant to do if we’re ever going to find out what they really do.

Disappointment is a part of it. A sacred, holy, part. It teaches us how to see a thing through. It shows us where we are.

And the real miracle is when you can look all those unmet expectations (even those of an innocent teenager with high hopes) in the face and somehow be grateful for where they landed you.

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Written by Liz Milani

Lizzy Milani

Co-Author of // Speaker // Coffee drinker // Story reader

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  1. This is brilliant! “And the real miracle is when you can look all those unmet expectations (even those of an innocent teenager with high hopes) in the face and somehow be grateful for where they landed you.”

    1. Agreed David!

      A book must be written and published at some stage, you guys have so much Godly insight and grace to offer a hurting world.

      Thank you ????

      1. Ahhhh you are too lovely Maureen! We need some extra space and time in our lives to create a book but it’s definitely something that is burning deep in our hearts! We are planning to do an Audio Book compilation of devotions later this year… so look out for that.

        And no worries on the ??? – for some reason our website struggles with emoticons. (New website is coming too!)

        Much love

        Jesse (and Lizzy)

  2. Thank you Lizzy! This has spoken to me so deeply right now in my current situation. Disappointment is the emotion that I’ve been struggling with but couldn’t put into words… and you’ve done it so beautifully!
    Bless you guys xo

    1. Thanks for reading and leaving us some encouragement Jillian.

      Sending you much love and big hugs for the current season… believing for it to bring out the gold!

      Much love

      Jesse (and Lizzy)

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