A writer, film lover, and accidental rule-breaker. I've discovered that stories are LIFE and at any given moment you can change the script.

  I'M LIZ.

A writer, film lover, and accidental rule-breaker. I've discovered that stories are LIFE and at any given moment you can change the script.

In 2012 I began writing (and designing) short devotional pieces. We posted them on Instagram thinking that our friends and family would politely like them. But to our absolute shock, complete strangers liked them, too. A few years on, and here we are. I never dreamed that Pocket Fuel would turn into this practice and lead me to you. I’m forever grateful for it, no matter how rudimentary and humble our beginnings were.

Not too long into our Instagram experiment, we found ourselves asking deeper questions around our faith. Everything we thought we knew; thought we had a handle on; thought was secure and for always; was challenged, questioned, and stripped bare. We experienced tragedy at home, and at work. We quit our jobs as Pastors, and started from scratch (faith and vocation) in our mid thirties. But through what felt like the death of all we thought we knew and would be, we found beauty and community. Our faith has a vibrancy that it was once devoid of. And our questions and doubts? I no-longer feel guilty for having them. They are an active part of my faith.

Some call us progressive, others call us lost, to others we’re too conservative. We no longer fit (nor want to) into a box, or under a certain label. And we don’t think you should have to either. We’re not here to tell you what to believe. We’re re-telling ancient and sacred stories, and having conversations about them, so that you can find your own story within them. Faith isn’t a destination, dogma, or certain set of ‘how-to’ beliefs and code. Faith is a verb, a way of transportation. The journey is meant to bring us closer together so that we can do the work of figuring out how to belong to and with each other in this crazy, messy, beautiful world. We are for community. Period.

T he wine country of central New South Wales in Australia was my first home. Hot dry summers, crisp cold winters, and my own chair in the front row at Church. I was a Pastor's Kid (PK). I spent every spare moment, shred of energy, skerrick of attention, attending, talking, and preaching all things Jesus/Church/God. I told my kindergarten class that Santa wasn’t real. I held altar calls regularly in the playground. I ran an interdenominational prayer group in high school, and gave myself extra holiness points for being so inclusive. I kept the prospectus of a famous bible college under my bed and would read it at night with glistening eyes dreaming of the ministry I would lead. Here I come world. Winning you all for Jesus.

But, as I lived into life, I began to realise that my rigid faith didn’t work.

People who I thought were wrong and evil turned out to be beautiful and generous. And vice versa. My list of questions grew beyond my scope of comfort. But instead of asking them, I stuffed everything deep down as if into a box I had to jump on top of to keep the lid from spilling open. I didn’t have time for doubts or greyness – I was building the Kingdom!

Often it takes tragedies of that nature to wake you up and show you a new way. A few long years ago, my career as a Pastor ended with a different kind of glisten in my eyes. I had imagined my ministry going from glory to glory, in more ways than one. Instead it, and I, crashed and burned emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

But, from the dust, I learned the true meaning of the words “beauty for ashes” (a nod to Isaiah 61:3). As Richard Rohr says, “Faith is not for overcoming obstacles; it is for experiencing them—all the way through!”

Id lived a life in a dream state of avoidance: ignoring my questions, pain, and doubts. And in turn, ignoring my passions, desires, and joy.

I’ve been rebuilding my life from the ground up these last few years, and it's as if I’ve been re-born. I’m here for you if you need to do the same.

So, dear friend, come sit with me. Let’s piece the stories together, yours, mine, and the Divine's. And watch the beauty unfold from such a magnificent tale.

We can change the script of our lives, faith, and vocation. Or at least, “when we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending” (a little Brené for you *wink*)

If you were wondering, yes, this is a business. And I am completely humbled that I get to do this. It takes time to study and create and write, and in that, I promise to bring you my very best. Did you know that almost all of my work is available for free? (I'd hate for anyone to miss out!)

Pocket Fuel is imperfect; a work in progress; a surrender of what we believe has been placed in our hands to do in this season of our lives. 

Our “devotionals” (and the things to come) are our attempt to seek God out in the everyday, ordinary, beautiful mess of our own lives; to explore the scriptures, wrestle our questions to the ground, and discover newness tucked away in the folds of life all around us.

And you know what? YOU make it better, here. Thanks for coming along on the ride.

Thanks for reading this far into our story. We're truly grateful you made it this far… and you know what? I'd love to think this is only the beginning of our meaningful relationship. I'd love to stay connected and get to know you more. The best way is to make sure you join our community – just enter your name and email. Plus you'll also get our free 7 Day Audio Devotional as soon as you subscribe.

Can I finish with saying a big heart felt thanks for reading… we are honestly humbled that you would allow us to be a part of your life in such a personal way.

With all our love and gratitude…

Liz and Jesse.



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