Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. 2 Corinthians 4:16 (NKJV)

Day by Day  – The Journey Series – Part 1

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The word “journey” has had a resurgence of late. So much so, that it's almost a cliché.

It’s a journey.
Life is a journey.
They're on their own journey.
It’s all part of the journey.

Yep. Almost nauseating.

However, I can’t think of another word that best describes how we move through life. Behind the scenes, in the fabric of things, life moves forward at a steady pace. We don’t fly instantly from event to event. We don’t staccato around the pivotal moments of our lives, transitioning immediately from one height to the next. It took me thirty-five years to turn thirty-five. I couldn’t speed it up. I couldn’t slow it down. We can’t go from winter to summer. We have to have to journey through spring before we can meet the warm sun of the summer months.

Sure, there are moments in life that take us from one mode or another, like graduation, a wedding, the day we get our drivers license or sign the deed to a new house. But these “moments” were preceded by years of studying, dating, learning to drive a car with a parent or teacher, and YEARS (and years) of saving.

There are fewer instantaneous moments in life than we might think, and much more ‘journeying,’ moving, traveling, walking.


Paul wrote to his friends in Corinth and said, “Even though our outward man and is perishing, yet the inward man IS BEING renewed DAY BY DAY.” (2 Cor 4:16.)

He may not have capitalized the letters as I have, but I want to emphasize my point.

We ARE renewed in an instant, and at the same time, we are BEING renewed as we go. Work in progress.

Sure, we may have had our own wake-up moment where we realized that we needed and wanted to follow Christ and that the love we have searched for all our lives has always been ours. But we also work out “salvation” day by day. We live into it.

Journey through it and with it.

Salvation can be seen as an instantaneous transaction. Absolutely. I put my hand up in church when I was eight and said “Yes” to Jesus, said the sinner's prayer and invited Christ into my heart.

But then, I did it again when I was nine.

And again when I was ten.

A bunch of times from eleven through to sixteen.

Then again at eighteen. That one was a big one.

As I transitioned from child to pre-teen, to teen, to young adult, to adult, to dating, to marriage, to parent, and now, I keep finding areas in my life that I need to invite Christ into.

It turns out that the more transformational mechanisms in my life have been during the journey, more than a moment in church with my hand in the air.

My inner life is being renewed day by day, moment by moment, awareness by awareness. I’m journeying with it. The cross has done something FOR me, but it's also DOING something IN me.

Day by day, along the way.

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Written by Liz Milani

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