Start over with me, and create a new clean heart within me. Psalm 51:10 (TPT)

A New Clean Heart – The Creative Series – Part 1

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In her book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert said:

If you are alive, you are a creative person.

If creativity is a box, we're all in it.

When Elizabeth Gilbert asked Brené Brown what creativity is on her podcast, also called Big Magic, Brené said:

Creativity is how I share my soul with the world.

There’s no such thing as creatives and non-creatives. Not really. To be alive is to be creative. Parenting, working, problem-solving, cooking, eating, holidaying, grieving, healing… We are surrounded by things that need us to make creative decisions and actions, and we engage in it more than we think.

Is the Divine creative? Are we, his creation, how he shares his soul with the world? Animals and nature and the earth… All of it: are we the outcome of his creative energy?

Of course, God is creative; I hear you say. The opening words of scripture are: “In the beginning God created…” We know WHAT to say when we’re talking about God, but what about when we’re living every day, with our bills and emails and phones calls and plans and reality and careers and relationships? How does divine creative energy impact our own creative, messy, beautiful lives?

King David of the Old Testament wrote:

Start over with me, and create a new clean heart within me. Fill me with pure thoughts and holy desires, ready to please you. May there never be even a shadow of darkness between us! May you never deprive me of your Sacred Spirit! Let my passion for life be restored, tasting joy in every breakthrough you bring to me. Give me more of your Holy Spirit-Wind so that I may stand strong and true to you!” (Ps 51:10 TPT).

This is one of those lines in the scriptures that timelessly reflects the condition of the human heart. The ache to be made new, to start again, clean slate. Re-birth.

We want to see creativity in action, feel it in our bones, coursing through our blood. We want that creative rush as we solve problems and find solutions to issues that have long been mystifying. We want our lived in, used up lives, to feel new.

Oh, to feel new.

I remember holding my firstborn son only hours after he was pulled from my body, being utterly astounded at his newness. I held a “clean slate” in my hands. Terror and an overwhelming sense of responsibility gripped me as I have never experienced. I held newness in my arms, and I desperately didn’t (and don’t) want to stuff him up. I can never put him back. I can never take anything that happens to him back. Almost eight years on, and to be honest, there are moments I wish I could re-create something new for him; a new memory to replace the old one, different experiences. I wish I could un-know and un-experience some things myself. And there are some things I wish I had known all along.


Because the issue with creativity is:

What if it doesn’t work? What if I get it wrong?

This is something that we all deal with, it’s not exclusive to what we label ‘creative personalities.’ Sharing your soul with the world is scaring, hard, vulnerable work. That's why it takes great courage to be creative. It takes great courage to be fully alive.

It takes great courage to be creative. It takes great courage to be fully alive. Click to Tweet

But it's in that place that Divine creative energy lives and moves and breathes. It's in that place that we can find newness in the middle of everything old and tarnished.

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Written by Lizzy Milani

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