You manifest yourself as Kindness in all you do! Psalm 145:13 (TPT)

King David had quite the life. It wasn’t as noble and honorable as some storytellers would like us to believe. But David himself knew how to weave words together. Often, they were about his violent collision with the grace of God. This in and of itself gives me great hope that even the most complex and messy situations are not beyond Divine grace and mercy, both for myself and others.
Here are a few words from David as translated throughout history and across cultures. You know, as accurate as they can be. But I digress…

Psalm 145:1-14 The Passion Translation.

“My heart explodes with praise to you!
Now and forever my heart bows in worship to you, my King and my God!
Every day I will lift up my praise to your name with praises that will last throughout eternity.
Lord, you are great and worthy of the highest praise!
For there is no end to the discovery of the greatness that surrounds you.
Generation after generation will declare more of your greatness
and discover more of your glory.

Your magnificent splendor and the miracles of your majesty
are my constant meditation.
Your awe-inspiring acts of power have everyone talking!
I’m telling people everywhere about your excellent greatness!

Our hearts bubble over as we celebrate the fame
of your marvelous beauty, bringing bliss to our hearts.
We shout with ecstatic joy over your breakthrough for us.
You’re so kind and tenderhearted to those who don’t deserve it
and so very patient with people who fail you.

Your love is like a flooding river overflowing its banks with kindness.
God, everyone sees your goodness,
for your tender love is blended into everything you do.
Everything you have made will praise you, fulfilling its purpose.

And all your godly lovers will be found bowing before you!
They will tell the world of the lavish splendor of your kingdom
and preach about your limitless power.
They will demonstrate for all to see your miracles of might
and reveal the glorious majesty of your kingdom.
You are the Lord that reigns over your never-ending kingdom
through all the ages of time and eternity!

You are faithful to fulfill every promise you’ve made.
You manifest yourself as Kindness in all you do!
Weak and feeble ones you will sustain.
Those bent over with burdens of shame you will lift up.”

Written by Lizzy Milani

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