He is wooing you from the jaws of distress to a spacious place free from restriction, to the comfort of your table laden with choice food. Job 36:16 (NIV)

Words Bring Life and Love – The Distress Series – Part 1

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Distress has held my heart this last year, in the midst of its jaws. The wrestle with its intent to take me out has been overwhelming at times. But then one random day in the midst of winter, I found myself reading this scripture over and again.

I love scriptures that woo us into their arms. Sentences that don't make any sense to others, but to our hearts they are like a balm that soothes and covers.

I find it difficult of late, to read people's sentences on social media because they don't woo, they repel. I want to live a life where my words bring life and love; they don't tear down and shame.

I want to live a life where my words bring life and love; they don't tear down and shame. Click to Tweet

Enter this story from the life of one loving Grandfather.

Job is the antithesis in the bible of the popular Christian cultural desire for a safe and happy life. It is like his story is a thorn in our side and we quickly want to dance over his chapters of grief and give a quick punch to his friends that let him down.

But what if we reveled in the story of grief and utter loss? What if we took time to truly sit and listen to the resounding hope that echoes in the side streets of Job's life? What if we learned the lessons of distress in such a way that we became a society that grieved well? What if grief brought us to a laden table full of rich and choice food and we dwelled with the Heart of our Father, sitting waiting for us there?

What if this is truly the greatest opportunity in the history of our world to love those who have lost like never before?

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Written by Amanda Viviers.
Amanda is an author, speaker, and creative coach. Her latest book “Dear Single Self” is available at amandaviviers.com

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