Sometimes your only form of transportation is a leap of faith. – Margaret Shepherd.

We Learn The Way By Walking – Signs Series – Part 2

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How many times have we cried out to God for a road sign, a pillar of fire or cloud to lead the way. (Send snacks, too.) The certainty of direction and journey is comforting. Step by step direction. Give me all the signs, all the instructions, I want to know the way before I leave.

We ask for signs to confirm our purpose, our decisions, what way should we turn. And rightly so. Life is confusing. So many voices, so many “other” signs giving us direction. It’s no wonder we (I) have often found ourselves (myself) with hands over ears, eyes shut, screaming for direction.


One of the questions I get asked most frequently, and with much intensity and urgency, is: How do I know?

To which I reply: Can we ever know?

Faith holds the tension of knowing and not-knowing. Paradox Maximus. It’s like holding ‘knowing' in one hand and ‘not knowing' in the other. They work together. “I know there’s more going on here than what I know, so I’m going to seek it out.” You hold what you think you know in one hand, and the willingness to be surprised, to learn, and to grow, in the other.

Although we might not always get the sign we seek, we come across little hints and suggestions on the path along the way. There’s an ancient Spanish proverb that says: “You make the way by walking.” It’s like we’re waiting to be told which way to go, all the while, Spirit just wants us to put one foot in front of the other, because that my friends, is how we find out which way to go. We learn the way by walking it out, not by collecting as many signs as possible before we start.

We learn the way by walking it out, not by collecting as many signs as possible before we start. Click to Tweet

It’s not often that we get doves holding olive branches in their mouths flying through our windows as a sign that its ok to come to out to play. We find out by opening the front door, stepping outside, and having a look. More often than not, when I ask God what to do and where to turn, it’s almost as if he whispers back: “What do you think?”

Cos here’s the thing: Spirit lives in me, I breathe it in and out of my body all day, every day. My heart is open, aware, and awake to the possibility of Presence. God has made his home in my bones. I think that just maybe, the Divine wants me to take responsibility for my life… After all, we are more integrated with spirit than we can imagine.

I know that we ask for signs from a genuine place of wanting to do the right thing. But sometimes I think a little apathy sneaks in there, too. A little insecurity… A little “can someone please make my decision for me?” Because it’s too hard, and there’s much at stake.

A plea for a sign is really the fear of getting it wrong. “What if I miss a turn, take the wrong exit?”

We make the road by walking, so if you find you’re walking the wrong way, change direction. There’s grace for the journey. Spirit guides, you walk. You make your way in the world by making it.

“Sometimes your only form of transportation is a leap of faith.” (Margaret Shepherd).

Let’s take our hands off our ears, open our eyes, calm our breath, and take the leap. We’ll figure it out on the way.

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Written by Lizzy Milani

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