They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord. (Psalm 112:7 NIV)

One of the things I love about Jesus is that He never promised us a trouble free life, He takes our salvation one step further and causes us to be overcomer's – a much more powerful and gracious way to live. It would have been easy for Jesus to save us out of this world literally (He can do anything, right?) and place us in a utopia with no sin, no trauma, no challenges. But then how would we express His glory on the earth? How would we be living examples of His redemption and grace? How would we take His message to those who have yet to experience His hope? The key lies in V1 of the Psalm – “Blessed are those who fear the Lord, who find great delight in his commands”. When we live in relationship with Jesus, following His ways, leaning into His presence, we don't have to fear what may come, our hearts are steadfast – we have our bearing, hope, peace, anchor – in Jesus, not in the ease of our practical and physical lives. Will bad news come? Yes. Will we face Challenge? Yes. Will we be hurt in this life even if we have Jesus? Yes. But, in all things, He is with us and causes us to be more than conquerors through His grace, love, and strength. If you are facing bad news, or you feel challenged by a situation, run to the word of God. Delight yourself in His commands and ways – lean into His presence with worship and prayer. When bad news comes He promises to carry you and lift you up. You don't need to fear when your trust is in God. So chin up, hold your head high in hope, be steadfast in faith. Love you guys.

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