The Sunday Best - Angel of Light, dealing with trauma, status anxiety and more

The Sunday Best

Some of our most popular content and favourite discoveries during the last week!

Come Alive – The Moving Forward Series – Part 4 - Pocket Fuel on Jeremiah 1:5Most Popular post: Come Alive » (from The Moving Forward Series)

What makes you come alive?

What do you find yourself dreaming about? Or gravitating to whenever you have spare time? What brings you joy? What makes your blood boil? What would get you out of bed in the middle of the night?

Before you or I had any material form, somehow we existed in the heart and imagination of God…

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Quote we've been pondering: (we even posted about it on our Instagram feed this week)

“”I have wrestled with the angel and I am stained with light and I have no shame.” – Mary Oliver, Upstream. 

On the DVO App: This week, on the DVO App (that we are main contributors of), we've bought in our friend, Amanda Viviers as a guest writer. Subscribers on the app get exclusive, early access to content. Download it here for iOS and here for Android.

Book I'm Currently Reading: Status Anxiety” by Alain De Botton. This is a book about an almost universal anxiety that rarely gets mentioned directly: an anxiety about what others think of us; about whether we’re judged a success or a failure, a winner or a loser.Two Free Audible Audiobooks

(I mostly listen to books using Audible. Signup now and get two free books without any obligation. It's an awesome way to read – or listen – to books!)

Podcast we loved: Krista Tippett just seems to always nail it with her podcast, OnBeing. We (well… mostly Lizzy) particularly loved this recent episode on dealing with trauma (and she reckons it's brewing a series on trauma, for her to write!)  Check it out here.

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Big Sunday love…
Jesse (and Lizzy)

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