Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. Ps 20:7 (NIV)

Fear can drive you to trust in things you wouldn’t naturally or normally trust. If you’ve no options left where do you turn? If you’re floating in the ocean, lost at sea, a piece of driftwood looks like a good option. But you wouldn’t normally hold onto it in every day life. Imagine turning up to work with your driftwood under your arm for security… ‘just in case'. Yet so many of us hold onto certain things to comfort us. Consumerism is a big one. It drives identity and identity drives it. It’s a vicious cycle that leaves us always feeling empty. In our society conquering Hollywood is held up as the epitome of a successful life. Money, fame and lifestyle. But you barely have to scratch the surface to notice that people, despite having all, aren’t happy. Second, third and fourth marriages are common place and depression is at all time highs.

‘Stuff' is not the answer to get a happy life. When your happiness and security is not derived from stuff then those things can’t ransom you to un-happiness through fear of not having them… or worse still… the fear of having them and then losing them. In the end it’s just driftwood. Desperate measures for desperate people. When your trust and security is in God, you have faith that the one who created all, will supply your all… your every need (not to be confused with your every ‘want'). Today trust in the God who is the author of every resource… don’t trust in the resources themselves. From that position you won’t be ransomed by fear. Make every moment of this day count. We love you.

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