God is within her, she will not fall. God will help her at break of day. Psalm 46:5 (NIV)

Included in the title of this Psalm is the word “alamoth,” which indicates that this is the female (she) part of the song. The whole Psalm is a declaration of God’s deliverance and enduring power through any attack, circumstance or trial. He is not just beside us, or around us, but within us. When we are under pressure, He’s not looking on from a distance but is in the midst of our situation enduring with us.

I’m a woman, and I believe God has designed us to bring harmony into our worlds; to sing and declare over our lives, situations and families, the different scales of His goodness, deliverance and strength. I’m not suggesting there are gender roles in society, not at all. I believe in gender equality. Equality period. But our sound is different, not less, than a man’s… it brings other qualities and harmonies into the world that are unique to our gender. So sing girls… use your voices and talents to declare love and peace over your worlds. Be encouraged that no matter what you’re going through, God is within you – rise up and declare his enduring power over you and yours.

We also should understand that the ‘she’ mentioned in this Psalm is speaking of the city and the people of God. We are collectively the bride of Christ, His beloved, of whom Jesus lived, died, was buried and rose again for. Romans 8:11 says “the same power that rose Christ from the dead now lives within you.” So for you individually, man or woman, Christ is within you… And even though you may face health problems, financial crisis, betrayal, or hardships and more, He will hold you up. Collectively, as the people of God, followers of Christ, we are family, community, entwined – in this together. God is in our midst, not looking in from a distance.

Just like the sun breaks through the darkness of night at first like a tiny speck that then grows into a blazing stream of hot, bright, light; His help and hope will rise above any situation designed to keep us in darkness. To endure the night seasons, we need to remember He is with us in both the good and the bad.

God is here, is all around us and within us; holding us up and at the same time dawning hope upon us like a brand new day.

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