But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matt 6:33 (NIV)

PART 2 – Seek God

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Seek means to “go in search or quest of; find or discover by searching or questioning; try to obtain; ask for and request; explore.

In a precarious political and social environment, Jesus asked his followers not to overthrow the government, but to “seek first the Kingdom of God…

When reading this verse, and teaching on it, our focus usually falls on the word “first” and not the word “seek.” In a time when people were seeking freedom, certainty, release, political and cultural validation… Jesus asked them to seek after something else.

And he asked them to SEEK. Not to obtain but to look for, go in search, embark on a quest and journey… Seek the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God isn’t about politics or social demographics or cultural supremacy… It’s not, me first, make me rich, give me power, help me dominate, ensure my life will be perfect…

Well then, what is it about?

This is why we seek. We search, discover, quest, question, and explore this transcendent Kingdom that is not of this world until the day we move from this life and into the next. Life is a journey (without sounding too cliche). We walk down the winding path of discovery through everything we experience. There is always more to learn, more to do, more to become, more of God to find.

There are a few things we know about this Kingdom that we seek. It's one of love, peace, hope… it's found by faith, we approach it by grace, all are welcome… it’s a place of healing and wholeness, light and joy. Where rest and purpose work side by side, and worship is how we live.

We are to seek out this Kingdom of God, first. When you are faced with opposition, heartache, vilification, oppression, injustice, greed, hatred… what do you seek first in the situation? Do you seek your own retribution and validation? Your chance to be right? Revenge, justice, money, increase and more? There is a reason that Jesus said the words “seek first”, he didn’t say seek only… but first. Let your responses be led by your search for the Kingdom of God. If you have been wronged, heartbroken, abused, hurt, set aside, ripped off… You need to seek justice, but let it be done by walking down the road of grace and hope rather than hate and revenge.

In everything you face, good and bad, SEEK God. Find him in the muck, mess and in the middle of life. Search for faith, hope and love through all your experiences. Don’t be led by impulses, or reactions, but respond to life by seeking God in the midst of it all.

After all, seek and you will find…

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