Pure and Holy – Note To Self Series – Part 5 - Pocket Fuel on Philippians 4:8

Keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that is authentic and real, honorable and admirable, beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind… Phil 4:8 (TPT)

Pure and Holy – Note To Self Series – Part 5

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This verse doesn’t mean you have to limit your thoughts to assumed holy things like God and angels and Mother Teresa and Justin Trudeau (enter any other name here).

AND it doesn’t mean that you think fluffy, frilly and untrue things about yourself, either.

Real and authentic: take a ‘warts and' all approach. You’re not perfect. And that’s OK. Be honest with yourself. All healthy transformation starts with honesty and vulnerability.

All healthy transformation starts with honesty and vulnerability. Click to Tweet

Honorable and admirable: honor and admire yourself. Not in an entitled, prideful, “I’m God’s gift to the world” way. Show up to your life. Know your strengths, acknowledging how far you’ve come, and with bold humility realize that you are God’s gift to the world (to be given not put on a pedestal).

Beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind…” – what kind of notes would you write to yourself that reflect these words?

I think if we can learn how to treat ourselves like this, it will help us, compel us, to treat others like it, too. And who knows where that kind of radical living will lead us.


What notes do you send yourself?
Are they along the lines of Phil 4:8? Or do you have room to grow in this area? (don’t worry, we all do).
Write some new notes to yourself today. Like actually write them down and shove them in your pocket.

You are made from love, of love, for love. So…

NOTE TO SELF: Speak to yourself like you would someone would love.

It will change everything.

Written by Lizzy Milani

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