Prayer and Vocation – Sermon on the Mount Series – Part 8 - Pocket Fuel on Matthew 6:10

Our Father in heaven, may your name be honoured, may your kingdom come, may your will be done as in heaven, so on earth. Matthew 6:9-10 (TKNT)

This is the second series in “The Sermon on the Mount” devotions by our friend Jarrod McKenna.

A while ago, Jesse and I heard him give an incredible sermon at a conference here in Australia. It was both inspiring and challenging. And we’ve been following him online ever since.

Jarrod is passionate about people experiencing and learning to live God’s saving love. He is the Teaching Pastor at Westcity Church (Perth, Australia), a co-instigator of #LoveMakesAWay movement and co-founder of #FirstHomeProject where he lives with 17 recently arrived refugees. Seriously, guys! Feel free to jump online and check out his work. Over the next couple weeks, we’re honored to be sharing with you a devotional series written by Jarrod. Send all your comments and questions to – we’d LOVE to hear from you.

Prayer and Vocation – Sermon on the Mount Series – Part 8

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The Sermon on the Mount, and the command to “love your enemies” in particular, was the most quoted teachings of Jesus in the early church. Why? Because for the early church, it is the “how” of living God’s love.

This side of the Resurrection this reality is plain: the Cross not only announces “forgiveness from sins,” it declares “freedom for kingdom living”! The Sermon on the Mount is how we live the grace that has saved us so the nations will glorify God. (Matt.5:14-16)

The Sermon on the Mount is how sinners like us practice the grace that has made us part of God’s people of peace, humility, confession and integrity in a fallen world. While repentance and obedience might be the least sexy words in the church today, they are the only authentic and joy-filled response to the Gospel of a Crucified yet Resurrected King and his kingdom.

So hear Jesus’ words: “Whoever hears [the Sermon on the Mount] and puts [it] into practice are like a wise person who built their house on a rock.” (Matt.7:24) Lord have mercy and make us wise disciples who live your teachings, not moronic religious people who ignore them. Amen.

‘Our Father in heaven,
May your name be honored,
May your kingdom come,
May your will be done
As in heaven, so on earth.
Give us today the bread we need now,
And forgive us the things we owe,
As we too have forgiven what was owed to us.
Don’t bring us into the great trial,
But rescue us from evil.’
Yes: if you forgive people the wrong they have done, your heavenly father will forgive you as well. But if you don’t forgive people, neither will your heavenly Father forgive you what you have done wrong.
Matthew 6:9-15 (N.T. Wright’s “The Kingdom New Testament Translation”).


Incredible. Jesus not only teaches us how to pray but sums up his mission in his prayer revealing our deepest vocation. What is it? Well,

Not ‘my’ Father but ‘ours’. Not my name being honoured but God’s. Not ‘our kingdoms’ but God’s kingdom! Not ‘our will’ but God’s will being done. Not elsewhere in Heaven but here on earth! Not the fleshpots of yesterday’s Egypt, but the daily manna of God’s promised Tomorrow. Not the keeping of records of wrongs but the jubilee of forgiveness for all who don’t resist being made a person of forgiveness. Not being led into temptation but God’s gracious exodus from all evil! Glory!

Not ‘my’ Father but ‘ours’. Not my name being honoured but God’s. Not ‘our kingdoms’ but God’s kingdom! Click to Tweet

Is Jesus’ prayer a part of your daily prayer rhythm? As you pray his prayer, internalise God’s mission of grace and our deepest vocation.

PRAYER: Lord, as I pray your prayer now, teach me to pray, that your desires might become my heart’s desire and we might become a people of kingdom forgiveness. Our Father…

Jarrod McKennaContributed and Written by: Jarrod McKenna
Twitter: @jarrodmckenna
Instagram: @jarrodmckenna
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