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Practice Engagement – The Cliché Series – Part 7

Seek, and you'll discover. Matthew 7:7 (TPT)

Practice Engagement – The Cliché Series – Part 7

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I like clichés more than I care to admit. I use them all.the.time.

Sometimes they help me express a thought, idea, or an emotion that I can’t find the words for. Other times, I admit, I use them as a way to gloss and ignore deep issues.

And that’s where clichés don’t work: when we use them as a tool to stay shallow. And I get it, who has the time or the capacity to sink into the hard/deep/complex issues in our lives and around the world? But ignorance is a painful kind of bliss. An unproductive, stagnant, momentary pleasure. Doing the work, living into the complexities with grace, love, and a bit of faith, makes life less fake clichéd and more authentic, true, and productive. Comfort shouldn’t be our life’s goal. Don’t get me wrong, comfort is great, who doesn’t love, desire and seek it? But perpetual comfort breeds weakness and eventually, atrophy. It creates a hollowness in us when we were created for depth and substance.

Strength is built through resistance, a little pain, a little rest, nourishment, endurance, practice, engagement. Chasing meaning and purpose rather than comfort and ease will bring these things into our lives. That’s what it means to seek God in your life – look for him in every nook and cranny. He is present to us and for us in all things. Although, I think where we find him is almost always a divine surprise. So if you use clichés as a way to explore the depth and the complexity, be my guest! Use them all up, exhaust them, scatter them around like confetti!

Strength is built through resistance, a little pain, a little rest, nourishment, practice, engagement. Click to Tweet

But if you use them as a way to disconnect from the weight of the world – the immense joy and the deepest dark – then you, my friend, should evaluate your use of them. As I do mine.

I’d love to hear from you what your favorite/most hated clichés are. Send them to me at, and I’ll talk about them on Insta Stories. You can watch along by following us @pocketfuel.

Take note of how many clichés you use and ask yourself why you use them. What would be the cliché you use most? And what does that tell you about your life?

As always my friends, our prayer for you is not that you would find comfort, but that you find hope and meaning in your life no matter what writing is on the wall.

Much love.

Written by Liz Milani
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Lizzy Milani

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  1. This has been a fantastic series. Thank you. I’m re reading this one letting it sink in.
    And since your Can and Abel series my favourite saying is “sin/fear is crouching at my door”.

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