This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary. Hebrews 6:19 (NLT)

In this life, most get washed around and bashed up by unforeseen circumstances and the storms that come against us. None of us are immune to it, but handling tragedy, heartbreak, illness, and financial uncertainty can be soul crushing on your own.

Circumstances like these suck the light and life out of us. They diminish and narrow down our vision for a positive and purposeful future.

Hope is a powerful antidote to these things.

Hope starts off as a glimmer of light and if you can anchor yourself to it, it will turn into a raging fire, that burns hot and bright, fuelling your motivation and lighting your path.

Hope is the only power that can crush fear.

I love the quote in the Hunger Games movie from the evil President Snow. It sums up how powerful hope can be in any situation.

“Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous. Spark is fine, as long as it's contained.”

This is exactly what fear does to you and I. It contains and dulls-down our hope. Why? When your hope is subdued you're less likely to step out in faith…less likely to challenge the boundaries of your normal mindsets and comfort. Less likely to be dangerous!

Any person who has ever made a difference in this world has always done it fuelled and propelled by hope.

Hold onto hope. Allow it to spur you on when you're out of your comfort zone and anchor your when the waves seem to be crashing around.

Allow the fire of hope to rage and burn with passion inside you today…you can do it!

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