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His Humanity – The Ordinary Series – Part 6
His Humanity – The Ordinary Series – Part 6 - Pocket Fuel on John 1:14

And so the Living Expression became a man and made his home among us… John 1:14 (TPT)

His Humanity – The Ordinary Series – Part 6

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It’s hard to picture Jesus as an ordinary guy. We think of him as a SUPERNATURAL man; God incarnate, the divine housed in flesh – everything BUT ordinary.

We mere mortals, regular humans, with no special powers – we cannot heal, cast out, or raise the dead – Yet we call him friend, savior, brother… he is personal and close and understanding.

The Biblical text only covers a few years of Jesus life, and we tend to only see him in the light of those limited time frames. We read about his miraculous birth and his three to four years of “ministry.” The moment that he turned water into wine is well documented, as is the healing of the man who was a blind beggar and the ten people who had leprosy. We can read about how he raised Jairus' daughter from the dead and without even realizing it, dried up the persistent bleeding of a woman who touched his cloak in a crowd.


There are a good thirty years of Jesus life missing from the pages of the Bible. Thirty years. Thirty. The ones after his birth and preceding his baptism. Do you ever think about those years?

Jesus was being a normal guy. Well, an ordinary First-Century Jewish Rabbi kind-of-guy.

It’s not Jesus godliness that makes him so wondrous – it's his humanity. We usually look to the cross as God’s first significant demonstration of his love for us. But if we look back just another thirty odd years or so before the crucifixion of Christ, we see another incredible act and declaration of God's love:

The incarnation.
God became a human.

BAM! God showed his eternal love and devotion for us by incarnating himself into ordinary, dusty humanity. Jesus didn’t come as a king or a queen, or a ruler with absolute power, or a fierce army general ready to wage war on all who opposed him! He didn't walk down from heaven to earth as the visible God and Ruler of all.

He took on flesh. He bestowed upon humanity the honor of joining us, being one with us. Becoming one of us. Sacred. Holy. Ordinary. Human.

We cannot understand Christ’s divinity unless we first understand his humanity. We cannot understand his divine essence if we can’t see his everyday ordinariness.

Those thirty years that we know nothing about in the life of Jesus would have been filled with all the things that our “nothing years” are filled with. Waiting, learning, working, eating, living, laughing, crying, growing, dreaming, the discovery of purpose and desire and discipline. Do you think he knew by age five that he was the Savior? Destined to die on a cross? And rise again? I think Jesus discovered his destiny the same way we all do… heart and soul passions, prayer, connection, a belly full of fire… he was normal, just like us, in these things.

He would have walked the streets of his town, listened to his elders, conversed about politics and religion. He would have seen things that made him angry, and other things that would have filled him with joy. Purpose would have welled up within him, as it does in all of us, compelling him forward, directing his steps and disciplines.

The beauty of Christ is first seen in his humanity.

The beauty of Christ is first seen in his humanity. Click to Tweet

Jesus is humanity and divinity all at the same time. You cannot pull them apart from each other and call him one or the other. And just like us, you cannot see the beauty of God incarnate in flesh until you understand how completely normal Jesus was. Human. But entwined into his humanity was divinity; threaded through and around each other.

In our own ordinary, human state we are invited by Christ to share in this mix of holy humanity… the divine and the natural all rolled into one. Or rather, we are invited to see that we already are mixed with eternal threads.

That is his normal, everyday invitation to us all.

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Written by Lizzy Milani

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