O Lord, you are so good, so ready to forgive. Ps 86:5 (NLT)

What does being “ready to forgive” look like to you? It can be easy with the people we want to forgive but what about the people that downright drive us nuts?

Forgiveness is not sweeping bad behaviour under the rug or allowing yourself to be continually abused or disrespected. It’s about seeing past the behaviour and to the intrinsic value of a person.

So where does the intrinsic value come from? It’s not a position in a company or a standing in society. Value is actually not even linked with anything we can do.

Did you choose to be born? Did your parents pre-ordain your gender? Was there one person or human entity that dictated the purpose of your life? Nope… this is impossible. (So far anyway!)

But deep inside you is a “knowing” that you are here for a reason; that there is meaning for your existence and this is wired into every human life. The problem lies in the human structures and mindsets that dictate what your life SHOULD look like. And this is where human value is warped.

The reconciliation of all creation to God – the Author and Creator of all life (this is where our intrinsic value comes from) – is a picture of being ready to forgive. It’s not about our actions or who we think we are. It’s about the seed of value God has placed inside us. A seed that has eternal value. It can’t be eroded or depreciated EXCEPT in our own thinking or mindsets.

Ecc 3:11 says that God has set “eternity in the hearts of men”. That is that deep knowing of value and purpose. That beyond the linear scope of this life, yours will echo into eternity.

Now filter your perception of the unforgivable person through that lens. God has created them for a purpose bigger and with value greater than they can imagine.

Grace erases that “what I’ve done” mentality and replaces it with the “what I’m eternally worth” mindset.

And grace is ultimately forgiveness.

So if God is ready, then there is a deep calling for us to be ready also… and then the power of grace will find no limits.

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