Free Facebook Cover Tutorial & Template Download

I was tinkering around with our Facebook page cover and ended up creating this Facebook cover mockup to suit mobile and desktop and I thought “why not give it away?”

So below is the free template to help you design a really great-looking profile and cover photo optimised for your desktop and mobile-viewed Facebook Page.

I say “Desktop” and “Mobile” because most people miss the fact that their desktop and mobile cover photo formats differently.. and that's where this template and tutorial helps you!

There's over 1 billion monthly active Facebook users, and stats suggest that over 750 million of them use Facebook via their mobile devices, which is a huge chunk of people missing the best of your Facebook page. It's really important to optimise and format your cover photo to suit both desktop and mobile versions of Facebook.

Our Desktop Facebook Cover

Pocketfuel Facebook Cover - Desktop

Our Mobile Facebook Cover

Pocketfuel Mobile Facebook Cover


The images above reveal the difference between the desktop and mobile (Android app) view of the profile and cover photos of our Facebook Page.

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when uploading their Facebook cover images.

Download the template (below) and use the tutorial to show you how to make the most of your Facebook profile cover.

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Facebook Cover PSD Photoshop Template (Zip File)

We've honed all our Photoshop skills, designing everyday for PktFuel.com and our Daily Devotional app “DVO”. Check it out below:

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