Do Not Yield - What’s Next Series – Part 2 - Pocket Fuel on Luke 1:30

Do not yield to your fear, Mary. Luke 1:30 (TPT)

Do Not Yield – What’s Next Series – Part 2

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What do you do the day after the day you’ve been waiting for your whole life?

What comes next?

All this waiting and focus and expense and preparation spent on a single event or day… what happens when it's all over? What do you find in the aftermath? What do you do with it? Do you move on straight away? Do you sit and dream about what has been?

I wonder if Mary felt that those days and weeks after the birth of Jesus were a bit an anti-climax… Motherhood settling in: sleepless nights, repairing body, tired mind and heart. She had just given birth to the Messiah as the Angel foretold she would, and she had prepared for her God-Son for months.

But then the day came. And just like all the days before it, it ended. Time moves at a steady pace, unaware of our events and moments – the ones we want to hold onto and the ones we want to speed by in an instant. It keeps moving forward as always regardless.

When the Angel first appeared to Mary, it told her: “Do not yield to your fear.” Something was about to happen, yes. An event was coming, yes. She was to prepare for it, yes. But then, as always, there was life after and beyond it.

Don’t let fear rule you.

This horrific or successful moment/day/year/event you’ve just experienced will come to an end, as all things must.

What do you do next?

First step: Don’t be afraid. There is more life in store for you. There’s more growth, there’s more to learn, more to do and more to be. There’s more to pass on to others, there’s more rest to heal you, more work to invigorate you, more generosity to humble you, and more grace to empower you.

But be here now. Live this moment all the way through. Bask in its sunset. And then, as the dawn comes, get up, and press on.

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Written by Lizzy Milani.

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