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Hi, I’m Lizzy Milani, married to Jesse, mum to Sam and Bree. We’re Aussies, and we live on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia: the centre of the universe.

We love coffee, the beach, books, and TV shows that we probably shouldn’t love (*wink). There’s a stack of things that we don’t like, but you’ll find out more about those later (they're not as interesting as the things we LOVE).

We’re stoked that you’re here. Thank you for checking us out. Please stay a while, and even get in touch!

Find us:
Instagram: @pocketfuel
@lizzy.milani and @jessemilani
Twitter: @pktfuel
@lizzymilani and @jessemilani


We started Pocket Fuel as a tool to help people incorporate a daily devotional practice into their lives. But not too long into it, we found it changing us more than it was changing anyone else. Long story short, our faith journey has been winding, long, painful and beautiful (deconstruction/reconstruction). And while we still want to assist people to develop a daily spiritual practice, it looks a little different to when we first started. Besides, everything is spiritual, right?

Four years on, PocketFuel has grown into a diverse community. Our doors are wide open and all are welcome. Literally. No matter who you vote for, what community you belong to, where you live, what you read, who you love, who you follow; there’s room for you at our table.

Rather than thinking of ourselves as having great spiritual insight to offer, Pocketfuel acts as a conduit for deep and relevant conversations, explorations of faith, tough questions, and the ever narrowing gap in the space between us all (unity, not uniformity).

We’d love for you to join us, pull up a seat, let us pour you a drink. You can engage, or you just be for a while – get your bearings, take a deep breathe, even close your eyes if you need to. This is a long lunch, no need to rush. You are welcome because you are here, no other reason. Empty your pockets of your questions and fears, but don’t hide them away. Put them on the table. Let them mix with the rest of our nick-neck issues and loose change problems. You’re not alone. Besides, there’s plenty of joy and solidarity to go around. I’ve learned that the hard way when I probably didn’t need to.

Grace, grace and more grace.

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