In 2012, 6 months after the birth of our second child, Brielle, we started feeling restless. It was as if there was something more we should be doing, but we weren’t sure what. I (Lizzy) had resigned from my job just before Bree was born, was working from home, but wasn’t in love with what I was doing. I was looking for something else. PocketFuel surprised us somewhat. We kept thinking along the lines of “what kind of thing can we start?” But we couldn’t shake the feeling that we needed to do something that harnessed our experiences and skills as Pastors and creatives. So we started to look for ’spaces’ we could fill in the Christian world.Breezy-(baby)---April-2015

One thing we’ve noticed over the years as Pastors, and experienced for ourselves, is that so many people struggle with reading and understanding the Bible. How do you fit this very complex, bizarre and amazing text into our Postmodern world and our very personal, intimate broken and beautiful lives?



After many late night conversations and a few passionate discussions (arguments haha!), our first devotion appeared. It was quick to read and easy to access. On your smartphone, in your pocket, fuel for your soul. We didn’t really have a plan, we just posted our first devotion to Instagram and, as they say, the rest is history… and a lot of hard work.

Ultimately, we wanted to build a ‘devotional app,' but we didn’t have the finance. So we just did what we could. We (Jesse) built a website, and we stuck with posting to Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr everyday. A few months in, we were approached by some app Word-App---April-2015developers in Malaysia (Alphapod) who had it in their hearts to build a devotional app, but needed someone to provide content. It was a divine connection. We needed an app, they needed devotions and designs… and “DVO – Daily Devotions by Pocketfuel” was born.

3 years on, we are so humbled and thankful for what PocketFuel has become and we’ve grown heaps and learned many lessons (like the importance of grammar checking) along the way. Every day I feel like I fall in love all over again with the Word, studying and writing. We don’t see PocketFuel so much as devotionals anymore, but rather as inspirations, thoughts, ideas and conversations around God, the Bible and life. We’ve come to understand that life is a journey, we’re always learning new things and seeking for more. We don’t think for one moment that we are the final authority on theology, doctrine or interpretation. But together, we can have some meaningful conversations about the ever unfolding nature of God and truth. We want PocketFuel to be a place where people are encouraged to dig deep, search out the scriptures, find out more about God and see him in the middle, muck, mess and beauty of all that is around them. We don’t have the answers, we’re just starting the conversation! Come join us.

We’ve worked together in previous roles, and we really enjoyed it. Presently, Jesse oversees wholesale and marketing for ‘Glee Coffee Roasters’ as well as doing all the technical and some creative work for PocketFuel. I write and design from home. With Kids, you just have to move and breathe with what each day gives you – stay flexible and creative with work hours and spaces. We don't work in spite of them, they're with us on the journey.

We’ve recently made some pretty big changes in our lives to make room for meaningful living. We lived with a lot of pressure and stress, which wasn’t good for us, our kids or our creativity. Busy doesn’t equal important. What's important to us are our friends, family and kids. There is no use working hard and building a business if at the end of it all you have no room to experience faith, hope and love in and around all you are and do. We work hard, we love well (we try), we make mistakes, we say sorry. Sometimes we work deep into the night, sometimes we put the work aside and play Star Wars Lego or Doctors with the kids… We are learning to relax, rest and trust. We want to build community, not empires. I heard on a Podcast recently, “we’re all students.” And that spoken so deeply into my life and helped me remove “perfection pressure” from my heart. We're eternal students, always learning, maturing and growing. And PocketFuel is the same. It will grow and change and morph and melt into whatever the season God leads us to calls for.

Grace, grace and more grace.

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